XTeer is growing fast
in domestic and global markets,
on our high-quality base oils
and technology.

3 Competitiveness

Specialized development of Lubricants

Hyundai XTeer and its R&D department have been innovating, creating and reinventing formulas for automotive, industrial, marine lubes and other applications since its founding in 2013. It is the commitment to innovation that shows in our products that help keep vehicles and equipment moving all over the world.

It established its own lubricant research institute in 2015 and is actively conducting joint research with automobile manufacturers by establishing the latest engine power system to develop the highest quality lubricant used in automobiles, shipbuilding, ships and power generation large engines, construction machinery, and transformers. As of 2019, it has recorded about 1,000 product development results, and it is smoothly supplying large ship oil, special oil for construction equipment, and insulating oil for power plants to the entire heavy industry, including Hyundai Heavy Industries.

Overwhelming Innovation

Today, Hyundai XTeer operates a global network of research and development labs, distribution, and customer services in 70 countries. Beyond industry-leading products, Hyundai XTeer offers increasing global brand strength and innovative tools that make Hyundai XTeer a valuable partner with installers, dealers, retailers, equipment manufacturers, and business operators.

In order to cope with the growing demand for engine oil consumers, the high-end engine oil product line was expanded and a differentiated marketing plan was established. Hyundai XTeer plans to focus on expanding the global export market as a future strategy. The core of Vision 2025 lies in the expansion of long-term customers and the full-fledged operation of local production networks by foreign-focused countries, and plans to share modern brands with the world and use them as a starting point for market development.

Eco-Friendly Lubricants

HYUNDAI XTeer has been spurring eco-friendly energy development and new material business as one of the new business engines since 2021, and has set ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) as its corporate goal. Accordingly, we are accelerating product development based on the 4 Reduction campaign, which focuses on the development of products that reduce the four causes of pollution: fine dust, fuel consumption, greenhouse gas, and exhaust gas. Based on environmental protection, we plan to create lubricant value.

4 Reduction Campaign

  1. Reducing
    fuel loss
  2. Reducing
    fine dust
  3. Reducing
    gas emmision
  4. Reducing
    greenhouse gas